Whoo new blog

Hola there, this is the new Hellagood Ed’s blog site. For those who are interested I created a wee online music magazine called Hellagood featuring things that are Hellagood! Then we suffered many a technical problem and financial trouble and it went into hibernation but the myspace society lives and breathes, where bands and stuff can message each other and my finger can remain on the pulse (unlike the nme, whose finger is jammed firmly up their arse…) so the dream is not lost, just broke! This is a blog just for me HellaEd/DJ HellaRae. Until the magazine is once again online (or in print) this will most likely have articles on it too.  Its all about Scottish music and other things that I think are interesting. Mon!

I am new to this site so still fiddling with it. Long Live Hellagood!

Today I am amused by these things –

http://www.limmy.com – a Scottish internet comedian, its an acquired taste but he’s a leg-end

http://littleradge.blogspot.com/ – This guys great, see his videos on youtube

This week I have been mostly not listening to much as I’ve been working my in mild mannered DAYJOB so have only had tunes in my heid –

http://www.myspace.com/memowrecks  – Buddy Akai from San Diego ( a whales vagina) remixes, although the actual tunes are fairly boss too. Particularly partial to Cut Me Up Villians Remix which is properly turning into one of those tracks I will want to have as my own personal theme tune in that messed up dream of your life blurring into a sequence of all the most pivotal moments in a trippy cascading movie kind of way most of which things aren’t things that actually happened to you but that could have possibly happened if you weren’t so patheically average… ah forget it, you’ve had a Galliano moment of clarity – you know what I’m talking about. Bloody Galliano…

Also had the new songs from Rosin Murphy jammed in my cranium all week, catchy catchy.

My pal and me have an ongoing thing about Brunch and its many ways in different walks of life, and here are my top ten Brunch websites. Seriously, check them out, they’re great and some are both supportive and informative.

1. http://www.thebrunch.co.uk/

2. http://www.brunchrecipes.co.uk/

3. http://www.brunch.org/eggsbenedict/

4. http://www.brunchradio.com/index.asp

5. http://www.outtobrunch.org/

6. http://www.bikeandbrunch.com/

7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brunch

8. http://www.brunchthemusical.com/

9. http://brunchmusic.de/

10. http://www.mysundaybrunch.com/

MMMMmmmm thats good brunch!

Coming soon – ‘brinner’, breakfast and dinner…


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