The Complete Unknown

In the soft Glasgow rain of a grey evening’s silent motorway, you could walk into your own daydream with The Complete Unknown’s gentle tracks drifting across the night. Sounding a little like the ipod tunes of choice for angels of anarchy stalking the earth in a wings of desire type of way, they do take you out of yourself. While not all the songs are as floating and intangible as the ‘In between the rain’ and ‘Watch the world end’ with their cloud of sound filling your senses, its the quietly open vocals on ‘The Future’ against the modest subtle warmth of piano keys that really belies this bands potential for true delicate magic. Live, the band likes to break into a much rougher, faster more dynamic version of their poetic selves. Reminiscent of the Beta Band, the Bees and Mercury Rev, Hellagood hope that the Complete Unknown won’t stay that way for long.


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