Putting the powerpop into popular music, they do call themselves pop-punk, which I always have trouble assigning the word punk to, punk to me just means something else entirely, so this arises as a small bone of contention between Hellagood and DbSixtyeight – but this is more to with the fact I’m a craggly music hack than anything else. DbSixtyeight are making highly likable music, its lively, tight and youthfully kinetic. This is a good solid Glasgow group who will find (and have already found in both the UK and Japan) a big audience for well honed vibrating but emotionally charged powerpop excitement. In addition, this is a band who look good in suits, a talent more rarely found these days. DbSixtyeight are working on new things according to their myspace page, so keep a eye on their page for new releases and gig dates.



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