Joy discovery invention and guilty pleasures.

Finally there is Internet again in the Hellarae house, big whoop wanna fight about it?!

Its been a long time coming to new installments, but today I’ll just blog a little on the light fandango.

Discoveries and joy – Listening to Koop from Sweden, irresistibly jazzy and laid back , you may have heard their track ‘I see a different you’ (vocals by Yukimi Nagano) on the current Lenor comfort advert. I have only just discovered them but they are already a well established and popular ensemble with several billion myspace chums, their self description as romantic jazztronica is just perfect and better than anything I could come up with.

Other things I’m loving this week – the Ethiopique (see also HERE) totally wonderful African beats, think groove funk blues 60’s and 70’s. Absolutely worth taking a minute to check out, they have a compilation album out now which acts as the perfect introduction to a gorgeously exotic world of Ethiopian and Eritrean singers and musicians. Proper bo!

Invention – well this refers pretty much to getting back on the web and blogging daily kids.

Guilty pleasures – this is a bit of a confusing one as this is unlike a vice – something bad for you which you thouroughly enjoy but should leave well alone, really its more of an unpleasant and undecided addiction. Damn Lady Gaga, I’ve come to unwillingly love ‘Just Dance’. While I do appreciate the fresh take on a night out clubbing, moving on from vain preening on the dancefloor where unexpectedly ‘the one’ has appeared even though you were just out with the ladies for a bit of a boogie and shouting ‘woo!’ to just admiting to being pissed and not knowing where the bloody hell you are or whats going on but still having a lovely time. Yes that switch from swept off your feet by tall dark and handsome stranger to being swept arse over tit by a tall cold glass of gin (or red wine as stated in the song, although I reckon its more likely to be a G&T in the UK, am I right ladies?). Obligatory hit single ingredients are all there, the lazy rap, the disco ball bikini, the flesh diving electro beat and the words ‘dance’, ‘dj’ and ‘record’ which almost guarantee a local dj immediate buy in of the single, not to mention the use of a paddling pool in the video. Also a sell out support slot with the creme de la creme of professional international dance acts who do a bit of singing, the Pussycat Dolls (whatever happened to them by the way? I remember them being an entirely different act to what we see on 8 year old girls I-phones today…). Despite the invariable weakness of the other material by Dame G, I fear Lady Gaga is going to be around all spring  in topshop, and I will not be able to rid my fragile mind from the relentless Guantamo Bay style programming by local radio telling me to ‘Just Dance’.

In other news, today was marked eventful by arrival of Star Wars monopoly to our home (boyfriends mum cleaned out the attic) and while I hate monopoly on principle I’m willing to overlook most of my moral convictions for anything Star Wars related. We also received the new Bill Bailey dvd and some scones. What an awesome day.

Alright peace all, and goodnight. xxx


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