ancient chinese secret huh?

Today I decided to investigate China’s pop scene, and by investigate I mean search the Internet for a while to eat up some time, and by fix the kitchen sink I mean…

I have recently sprained my ankle and thus am a bit house bound – today is particularly painful as last night I was overcome with the desire to clean the kitchen (twas a hideous midden) which proved successful – its now sparkly – but also stupid because it hurt. Although it should be mid way through healing by now, so hopefully I shall hop only a week more…

Anyway back to China, you may recently have caught the documentary on China’s emerging new art and artist scene on the box courtesy of channel 4, The Great Chinese Art Revolution. We in the West seem to have suddenly gotten interested in China lately, with Olympic fever and big political and economical changes. Last year I enjoyed watching the series Chinese School which was entertaining, informative and covered a wide variety families from different backgrounds as well as the looking at the lives of the staff. It did contain a touch of pro china, cute kids, hard working students, how-lazy-are-kids-in-the-uk (I worked at a uk school and frankly yes they are) stuff but it still was reasonably even handed due to its creation by the Open University.

So now I turn to pop music, (although the 33 consecutive programs on Girls Aloud lately did include a promo spot in China with China’s premier pop star) I think I’m the first to discuss it, unless BBC 4 have some kind of documentary I’ve missed. No chance of 4Music picking up the slack as only 30% of their material is actually new programming – miaow! Seriously, 4Music is lame but so is most music television… I am however addicted to Orange Unsigned, which may warrant a whole blog of its own…

The current big hit seems to be Xiang Xiang, a massive internet star who released the title track from her album ‘Song of Pig’ free online. See the BBC news article here

Below are the lyrics – taken from Wikipedia.

Pig, there are two holes on your nose; when you catch a cold, you are snorting
Pig, you have black eyes; look and look yet cannot see to the side
Pig, your ears are so large; yell and yell but they can’t hear that I’m cursing you silly
Pig, you have a curling tail; you run and jump and still can’t escape it
Pig head, pig brain, pig body and pig tail
You are a well-behaved baby that is never picky about food
Every day you sleep until after noon
You never brush your teeth and you never fight

This is either to be considered a bit abstract compared to British pop lyrics, even in other genres you’d be waiting for Tom Yorke to sleep on some questionable Camembert to pen this kind of romantic ditty  or on a more literal note, The Wurzels. She is also noted for covering the track ‘Mice love rice’ by Yang Chen Gang which is similar to well known adage ‘ I love you as much meat need salt’, in this case as much as mice love rice.

The most famous Chinese artist outside of China still remains Cui Jian known for his political motifs and rock punk attitude, the soundtrack to the 1989 student demonstrations. (I would have included a link to his own webpage here but it seems to have succumbed to gremlins)

In doing this blog – basically I should have started with Korea, I’ve been there and experienced the clubs, gigs, people and music or Japan as I have friends who live there. I don’t know any Chinese and am not entirely sure what I was looking for but anyway, what I’m saying is China is changing and now the floodgates for creative work reaching a worldwide audience are open. As such I believe we’ll start to see more of China’s popular music make its way to the West. I did have a look on YouTube and there’s some interesting stuff, (I love the video site but can’t stand the bitching and whining on YouTube, – assigning people YOU’LL NEVER MEET various incendiary slanderous sobriquets is a waste of the universes energy, do something useful, go stand in a corner and find yourself some hats to wear).

In todays other news – some things you may enjoy…

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Sleeptight ya lil Hellagood hellians! xxx


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