Coffee and my conversation hat

Hello, I’ve sort of been busy lately so not much writing, which is very bad. I was working on the article about dance movies but have decided it wasn’t good enough so I’m going to cut it down and include just a small taster of it later.

Thoughts of today – did you realise Maxim Reality is 42? (According to Wiki, I wasn’t at his last birthday buffet at La Tasca or anything) And the new Prodigy album is banging by the way, but it has made me think, what happens now, this will in a few more (quite a few – 42’s not very old) years become our first generation of neon grandmas and day-glo pensioners. How is this going to work, everything we know about our the life cycle comes from what we’ve experienced (and in my case an expectation from a post war generation who controled evening TV programming and later family media stereotypes from shows like ‘I love the 70’s’, even though I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s) and the norm has been for the young hip people music to upset the older more conservative generation, but lets face it, Smack My Bitch Up knocks 7 shades of shit out of Iglu and Hartley.
We’ve had rockers get older and keep on keepin’ on, although time does not cure all ills, – Iggy. Roger Daltry makes cameos in surreal BBC Three comedies. Rolling Stones kept kicking, tickets for Cheap Trick are on sale near you… But dance, rave, jungle and drum and bass appeared in the 80’s and now suddenly we’re almost at the end of the noughties. I feel a little strange and confused about what will happen, how this generation slides into society as the powerful maturity and governing community. (perhaps this can be debated – according to work by Dispatches on the subject of ageism) The drugs and the stamina and extreme clothing made it a trend difficult to continue at length, all those straps, all that mesh…
Seems to me it was only just the nineties a minute ago…
I don’t know if you are familiar with a place called Hollyoaks community college? Its a fictional student hangout on a channel four ‘teen’ soap. Recently said students had a retro rave night but in the form of a very modern silent disco, complete with mp3 players. Character Mike, a 40 something mature student (father to one student, lover to another – although not since his daughter and his girlfriend slept together on a road trip, I digress…) was a raver the first time around and very much enjoys the night until the revelation of his nearest and dearests indiscretion.
Perhaps this is the answer, wait until your chosen genre comes back into fashion. But fashion is fickle… plus to have your lifestyle reduced to a clichéd pastiche of a costume night at a union isn’t what anybody wants. We want what the Prodigy are giving us, new material and evolution.
But they’re the musicians and creative forces, for the public how will it work in practice?
I watch with interest and I hope it goes the way I’d like it to go, 3 sheets to the fucking wind til the very last heartbeat.


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