Drive by to Altas Skye

dba stoke


Ayrshire electro-indie band, Drive-by-Argument are no more, they have officially split. But fear not for they are merely in a state of metamorphosis and will return in the solar powered mono-rail future as ‘Atlas Skye‘! The group disbanded as Drive-By-Argument on 23rd of February 2009. The boys initially formed as a course project on University of the West of Scotland‘ s Commercial Music degree and unlike 95% of involuntary school forced group activities, found that something worked!

on stage

on stage

After releasing single ‘Sex lines are expensive comedy‘ with Glasgow’s One Records, they went on to tour with Panic at the Disco and reached the dizzying heights of having their music used in an episode of Cold Case. Drive-By-Argument’s eponymous and only album launched on the 12th of May last year, at first online then as a hard copy under a signing with Lizard King Records. Drive-By-Argument were well loved in the local area and had gained a reasoned modicum of international interest and critical acclaim through Myspace.

live at the ABCStuart Kdbasign

live at the ABC

Live, the boys pull off a very confident and electrifying performance while maintaining some of the ingénue charm of a new act working their way up. Back in the day when I worked in a record shop and I very distinctly remember seeing front-man Stewart “Stoke” Brock hanging around the D section of the rock and pop near a certain E.P. looking sheepishly smug. Stoke can’t be blamed for his enthusiasm, so rare is it that a college band has such success. From the thousands who leave school thinking they’ll become rock-stars to the few who manage to get even a single out, the biting realism is deeply felt.



Its hard to have a full time career and go to university, and Drive-By-Argument were not immune to the strain having taken a break to work out their next steps. The band were on hiatus from early last year until the announcement of  their split. Having begun a musical career almost by accident its not long before maturity and also the new indie-rag earnest studded emphasis on cool and meaningful make a Family Guy quote for a name feel uncomfortably juvenile, much like turning up to a high school dance with a t-shirt tuxedo while everyone else is in dress kilts. As such we can now meet Atlas Skye, the same as Drive-By-Argument, but serious and more guitary.

Other Ayrshire bands of note include, Biffy Clyro, Sucioperro and then Marmaduke Duke, an amalgamation of members of both bands. There is also The Darien Venture, Tauntra (technically Annan), Clear Aim and Zetas Empire. There’s something in the water and apparently it feeds the awesome rock chromosome.

Beautiful Ayr Bridge

Beautiful Ayr Bridge

And, in a more unfortunate move for the face of Scottish music, pop band diAgusto, the Italian for ‘oh dear’.


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