Hat’s off!

I do believe you have my hat!!

Austin’s Hat hunting game is off to a dapper start today as part of the SXSW interactive festival.

the standard gentlemans bowler

the standard gentlemans bowler

The aim of the game – someone, somewhere in Austin right now is wearing a bowler hat, you have to get the hat from them and start wearing it. You can’t just steal it, you must say ‘Excuse me, I do believe you have my hat.’ then they must hand over the hat to you, and so the hat watcher becomes the hat wearer. When you receive the hat you must take a picture of yourself and upload it to the Umbrella Group website. You must wear the hat at all times or face disqualification!

To win you have to wear the hat for the longest amount of time. The competition starts each day at 1pm and finishes at 9pm for the three days of the SXSWi festival, 13th to 17th March 2009.

The hat is fitted with a small GPS tracking system. Information about the hats location is sent in real time to google maps and you can follow the hat online. The hat twitters regularly too.

The hattening begins outside the British Music Embassy, 30 Latitude, 512 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701.

John Steed and Emma Peel

John Steed and Emma Peel

The SXSW Music began in 1987, while the event now known as the SXSW Interactive Festival emerged in 1994 developed from the SXSW Film and Multimedia Festival. Its all about technology and creativity and features 3 days of guest speakers, panels and just a massive amount of interactive stuff! sxsw-2009-20080801-135900

The Hat Game has been organised by the Arts Council England and digital agencies iShed, locative games firm Simon Games, the Umbrella Group who represent different UK groups at SXSWi and web design company Pollen 8.


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