You’ve got to be kidding me

Asher Roth, this is a wind up right? Nothing that sucks that much could be accepted by the general public, surely?

The man’s an arse. Has no-one else noticed?  He seems to be appealing to a weird white middle class american college setting thats drunk of its own ass while cruising down the freeway with its hat real low thinking ‘I’m fly’. Ha! We are the future senators and realtors of the Nation, you’re all screwed!  Have you actually listened to it? Its dreadful. Empty, lazy, shallow and self-serving. On his myspace there is various comments from rap/pop/hiphop superstars, which could be taken in a variety of contexts but most praise him as an artist or ask him for beer and condoms. Seriously? Does he carry them around to make friends?

His voice sounds pretty whiny, now I’m not a big Akon fan either, and thats a pretty whiny voice too so I realise there is a market for this kind of thing. Eminem reaches new heights of claws across the chalkboard vocal stylings but y’know what Eminem has that Asher doesn’t? TALENT. He can actually RAP. A tiny pre-requisite for people who are RAPPERS as a trade. Its not that you can’t be suburban and love hiphop as I’m sure he does, its not that you have to live a stereotypical life in the ghetto, influenced by guns, drugs and struggling to love hip hop or make a musical career. You do however have to have SOMETHING to write about. Most artists are driven to become artists because they can’t do anything else, they have a deep desire to communicate and create. They talk about their own struggles, politics, love, death any number of impassioned topics. Pizza, beer, tokin’? Yeah, do those things don’t make an album about it, nobody cares!!! Except for a tiny window of time people shallow enough to go ‘heh heh thats like us heh, heh’, and then forget about it forever once they get over themselves and grow up.

Goldie Lookin’ Chain make records about smoking, drinking, going down the shops thinking your a robot and an adolescence spent in the local roller disco, but these songs are good, funny, insightful and irreverent. Looking for a white MC to compare Roth to? The boys from Newport not only have a lot more flair and self aware tongue in cheek attitude, but would be a lot more entertaining to spend a day in Alton Towers with.

If you’re going to be an entertainer, do your damn job, ENTERTAIN. There’s enough below par crap in my life, the music industry is supposed to be legendarily hard to get into, ensuring some level of quality on output. LIES.

And so it goes… The guy bugs me. That college track in particular represents something ugly and squalid to my mind, remember when going to university was about furthering your education, not just training for specific job even, but broadening your horizons, opening your mind to a wider world of topics, in order that you could benefit society by making good decisions as an adult. Nowadays you need a degree to work in any number of minimum wage office and shop jobs and the time spent studying is just time spent drinking your way through decisions you will regret for the rest of your life, but probably won’t actually remember.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a good time, I had a good time, but just, for the love of God, listen to better music!

Grinds my gears like a like a giantly overblown undertalented cog.


One response to “You’ve got to be kidding me

  1. Roth is utter trash. I tried that mixtape (Greenhouse effect) and it’s just boring and shallow. Amen.

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