Affectations, today’s subject of interest. When I’m out and about on the club scene I have noticed to my horror and distaste (perhaps I am too provincial) kids wearing fake glasses. Like its part of their look, like poor eye sight is an accessory, as though myopia portrays some sense of aesthetic cultural relevance. There is no glass in these glasses, only frames. Should I move ahead of the trend and begin to use crutches out on the tiles even though I have no actual walking deficiency, it just suits my intended display of stylish eccentricity?

I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception


The real cool thing is when you turn a flaw into an aspect of your own coolness. Beloved British soul popster of the 90’s Gabrielle wore an eye patch to deal with her ptosis, and instead of looking like a pirate she managed to cultivate a whole new look for herself, she owned that eye patch making an iconic reference point. Nowadays we see Rhianna wearing her own bejeweled patched trying to achieve the look.  Although the chat at that point was that it was to cover possible domestic abuse. NOT COOL, NOT EVER.

Back from the fashion topics, to the real important stuff. Music.

I’m loving the new Brody Dalle project Spinnerette. Its lighter than the Distillers stuff, with more interesting arrangements and use of vocals. The Adam Freeland remix is as remixes go, pretty average but getting good coverage. E.P. Ghetto Love seems very promising for some new rock and roll stuff, which is a scene, at least over here that has gone cold. Perhaps its the lack of deserts. I grow so weary of music with no discernible tune or no clear emotion. Just general noise and ‘some kind of perhaps strong feelings maybe, I dunno, something about a girl, and I’m too controlled by society to do anything, meeaaaaggggreuuugggllleee, something’, either that or descendants of Billy Ray Cyrus telling me to shake things. I don’t think rock is dead, I think maybe its hungover from the 90’s and we’ll see it again once it stops throwing up into the washing up bowl and eating stale kebabs.

Spinnerette are playing King Tut’s on July 18th.

Pop music remains pretty strong here in the UK, as always, though this glittery perfect pop world is beset by demons on all sides. Girls Aloud have to have extra ninja training on Mondays and Wednesdays to beat them down.


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