A note on self promotion

Evenin’ all.

I will be running a night at Glasgow’s Twisted Wheel, 73 Queen Street, on June 18th from 11 – 3am. Free with a flyer (which once I find the money to print I’ll start handing them out… just scribbling dates in the side of weetabix packets in tesco doesn’t count apparently) otherwise a mere £3 will garner you entry to the hottest new night this side of the equator. I don’t know whats happening in the clubs down there but I’ve always heard its hot.

The night is called ‘The Soul Skattitude’ and features a fusion of early 60’s studio one ska blended with detroit and chicago motown soul. As well as featuring tasty cakes.

The Soul Skattitude, happening Thursday 18th June @ the Twisted Wheel

The Soul Skattitude, happening Thursday 18th June @ the Twisted Wheel

Recently at the Twisted Wheel I visited with Ayrshire formed Zetas Empire, who are beginning to rack up the gigs once more, playing their own original material, a mix of melodic My Bloody Valentine emotion meeting with the grandiose stage-rock of Oceansize via a jazz indie park ranger station run by the Chemical Brothers (quite the camping trip one would imagine). They are undoubtedly always the most interesting thing on the bill when they play. Support came from Sempre Fi, who rocked out solidly but haven’t really ventured into any new territory with their sound. Kudos on the synchronized head banging though. Both bands will be playing soon, near you, probably.

Zetas Empire @ the Twisted Wheel

Zetas Empire @ the Twisted Wheel

Also Paolo Nutini played the ABC. Why don’t people just buy actual Johnny Cash cds and listen to some local folk bands instead of this radio friendly watered down nonsense? (incidentally, how creepy is it when Johnny Cash’s voice welcomes you to his website, eerie!) Its the accent and the voice I think, of wee Paolo, anybody doing that well with a broad Paisley accent is a sign of the Scottish tendency to grip on with clenched fists at anything remotely successful which in some way positively represents the nation. Highlight of the gig – an encore of a country rock version of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, low point – support bands, who’s names were too bland to remember so I am calling them, ‘The Riot of Ineptitude’ and ‘Death by Corby Trouser Press’, absolutely terri-bile-inducing. Everyone loves wordplay. Everyone who’s ever won more than 67 times in a row at Scrabble loves word play.

So me, and my dad then.


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