the chin, the window to the soul

Beardyman gives me the fear. As a DJ I have reservations about my clubbing future now that Beardyman exists and is in our entertaining world. He’s the Usain Bolt to my clumsy sandal wearing drunk riding a tricycle . He’s essentially made my line of work entirely obsolete. Fortunately I can fall back on the inky words and writing about my horrific defeat on the steps of the Arausio and my retirement from the musical sphere due to this ‘man’, this demi-god of the microphone.

But DJs may rest safely in their sound laboratories once more, as well, he can’t physically be everywhere at once.


Come on now. That’s enough. You’re making everyone else look bad.

Added to that check out Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee. Beatboxing with a flute. Because y’know, maybe it was too easy beforehand.

Another musical site I’m falling in love with all over again (it is summer after all and they’re French, I stood no chance) is La Blogotheque.  La B’ is a particularly lovely site, full of things I’m jealous of. The most wonderful thing they have is The Take Away shows. Some of these off beat videos are the most magical moments caught on tape, the Take Away team convince, manipulate and beg artists for unique little shows. Some of the artists are shy and retiring and in need of this kind of arm twisting to produce one off performances of such an innocent but raw concupiscent nature as to defy belief – see Bloc Party’s Modern Love. Other artists are more keen to play the game and enjoy adding frolicsome tones with their own creative shenanigans – see Man Man The Warm Up 3.

Glasgow’s West End Festival is on now with a big variety of musical acts playing all around the city. The Festival started last weekend with highlights from skasters Bombskare’s afternoon set and the festival parade which took a turn around the park this year having moved along from its usual route along Byres Road.




Check out gigs at Brel on Ashton Lane for the kind of atmosphere suited to a chilled glass of white wine on a sunny evening, lying on a blanket with your bare toes playing in the grass while a troubadour plays under the shade of a nearby tree.

This Sunday see Kelvingrove Park play host Mela Glasgow, go down and see a mix cultures and live music from 12 til 7 for free.


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