Freedom for Artists

I am taking a while to get on and write some more articles but an important issue has come to my attention and this has taken pole position in my writing today.

There has been some shocking behaviour recently towards non eu artists visiting and performing here. Small minded petty bureaucracy and red tape has placed a choke hold around culture.

For more details and examples the Guardians article can be found here. Henry Porters Blog exposes the abhorrent treatment of Non-EU artists and academics face when trying to gain access to the EU for artistic and educational visits. Many face lengthy issues with paperwork and visas for short stays or not being permitted entry at all despite invitations from well established arts and culture organisations, due to the tightening of excessive regulations regarding visiting non nationals.

This kind of attitude towards the wider world of writers, musicians, poets, artists and academics shines the brightest of cold starch lights on the ugliest side of our government decision makers. The situation is nothing short of embarrassing for the UK and Europe.

I urge you to take a stand by reading and signing this petition against the home Office Restrictions on Non-EU artists and academics on the Manifesto Club’s website.

Don’t allow this accidental censorship to stiffle the exchange of creativity and ideas in your world.



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