Birthday Celebrations!!

So with the technology failures of recent times, I have been unable to really get in and update the ole’ HG site. Which yeah I could have worked harder at doing, but enough of my shortcomings!!

Its Hellagood’s Birthday – the blog is One Year Old!! Hurrah and we’ve had over 3 and a half thousand hits. Quite exciting.



Thanks to everyone who’s been checking on here regularly and those who’ve just hit up once to look at what they thought was porn, you’ve made this blog great. I do wish I’d been a bit more attentive to the Blog lately but life gets in the way of writing sometimes. Well when you’re writing for free it does, you give me a deadline and paycheck and I am there!

So to commemorate the birthday edition, and in honour of my two fans (I definitely have two, you have identified yourselves!) some fantastic written stuff!!

Also I do have to say, I managed to lock myself out of twitter like the eponymous twit, so its not been updated in ages.

First up I found myself watching the pop chanels in the middle of the night, like I do, and Shakira came on (no pun intended) and I found myself thinking, ‘Shakira, didn’t she used to be a singer?’ Many have made that leap from music to acting but props to someone who’s not afraid to turn their back on the cynical world of hollywood and look for something alternative, it takes a lot of guts to approach the oldest form of progressive adult focused erotic art in the world, porn. Oh wait, sorry, I’ve just been informed, she is still a singer, apparently.

Covers – we all know them and love them, but I see recently the Mighty Boosh team are being covered all over the boutique. I noticed Lady GaGa has covered Old Gregg’s Love Games you can see them both here. I really feel she should have gone for more funk.

Also Little Boots, 4music favourite and newest excuse to pretend there’s been a genre shift when actually NOTHING has happened in the pop world and there has been no great forward movement, change, revelation or actual cerebral activity, seems to be just doing ‘Future Sailors’ from the crimping episode, expect without entertaining anyone.

Which brings us to Girls Can’t Catch. Now I loved Smack the Pony (pun intended) but if you’ve ever seen League of their Own (the American Baseball loving woman’s own Field Of Dreams) its blatantly a lie. I refer you to Dorothy Kamenshek.

Also its tedious umani-less time wasting no talent ass clownery. Pop music goes through phases of being life saving. It can be catchy, life-affirming, romantic, hopeful, foolish, clever and simple. And at other times its the equivalent of jangling some keys in front of a baby to keep it amused for a couple minutes. But replace keys with neon shite and replace baby with grown adult and couple of minutes with 7 hours of TMF, 4 music, Jamster adverts, all E4 idents, etc….

I despair, I digress… There is music out that I like, but as I get older and my soul gets more discerning, its just so much easier to think of things I don’t like.

Oh, here’s something I like – Akala. There’s an overachiever if ever I saw one. Some people just excel at things, at life in general, they are always working. Akala seems to be one of those people. Known also as Black Shakespeare, the younger brother of Ms Dynamite was a young football superstar and restaurateur before he even made his first record. This summer he’s been working with young artists on the BBC Blast project. His work is refreshingly real and has a fresh raw sound to it, not too overproduced or cliched, not falling back on beat machine fail-safes or stereotypical background music. Rather the tracks are a composite of sounds that reflect the feeling of the lyrics themselves. Currently busy finishing his new album, look out for it this year or take an audio tour of It’s Not A Rumour and follow up Freedom Lasso. I do love homegrown talent and wiki says he’s part Scottish so MON!!


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