Sign of the Times

Hey kids, not so much lately with the old updates, suffice to say I have just started a Journalism postgrad and as such am mired in other blogs and work…

However I will do more! I am up almost 20 hours a day so I’m sure I can fit in a few pop sundries to general course of the things.

Amusement this week from Muse, my youtube favourite of the week. Muse arrive in Italy and are to perform a pre-recorded session for Italian Chat Show, Quelli che, which as far as I can tell is pretty well respected platform, maybe even as much as Richard and Judy…

‘No live playing? but we’re musicians!’  Muse say, ‘hmm well lets watch 80’s Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd classic Trading Places on sky in our hotel room until showtime then’… (dramatisation – may not have happened)

I do apologise if the video has not inserted itself – I’m low on tech here boys! will sort it soon.

Matt on drums is quality.

Much else have I had time to listen to not, mainly due to my community college Yoda colloquialism classes at the Met, I have found time to watch the 2007 action anime movie, Vexille.

*Spoilers* Wow Japan got totalled then, Daaammmmnn.

The film itself is likable enough, plenty of action up front, an interesting idea, bit thin on the plot and character development beyond that but well made visuals, however the soundtrack is the thing of interest. A bit of an odd mix in a way as though a high action and ultimately tragic tale, the sounds of Paul Oakenfold, The Prodigy, DJ Shadow, Asian Dub Foundation, Carl Craig, Basement Jaxx, Underworld et al don’t quite gel with the movie. The tunes are good the movie is pretty good but some correlation has been lost between fitting the mood of the movie and theme of the scene. As such, while the movie is ok and good if you like superpowered agents, cyborgs and alabaster unrequited love stories, the music is actually worth your volition taking a listen based on the soundtracks own merits. Top track is without a doubt M.I.A’s ‘Birdflu’.


One response to “Sign of the Times

  1. Agreed that sounds like a curious combination of artists for the soundtrack. Sounds like someone has penned a wishlist for the soundtrack without ever really considering how well the tracks fir the film. That said, i’ve not seen it myself and I’m taking your word for it. 😉

    Still interesting stuff.

    Also, interesting to see ADF cropping up on a soundtrack as late as 2007.

    I recently re-listened to their second album, Rafi’s Revenge having not spu it for a few years. It still sounds great today!

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