Amused or Gemüsed?

Todays post – long awaited post I realise – sorry – is on things which aren’t usually musical instruments being made so.

On a cold autumnal/wintery day such as today who wouldn’t want a delicious cup of vegetable soup? How about a soup made of previously musical vegetables? Thats what you can expect to chow down on if you go and see the world’s only Vegetable Orchestra!

The audience are invited to eat a hearty soup made of the previous shows left over vegetables. But getting ahead of ourselves – how do they make a whole orchestra out of vegetables? Well to get an idea – here is a video to show us how.

The first instrument was a tomato created in December 1997, though I hear there were tomatoes before that, its just no-one had really found their sound. It was just tuning up before then.

Based in Vienna, the Vegetable Orchestra was founded in 1998 and plays 20- 30 concerts a year all around the world. The musicians take their work seriously and say that the various noises that can be made with vegetables are unlike those produced by traditional instruments opening up a whole new world of sound.

The group are not all vegetarians or vegans and describe their music as vegetable style. After each show the vegetables are either made into soup for the audience of the next show, given to the audience or put into an organic waste.

As far from vegetables as maybe you can get – car parts. You’ve probably seen the Ford adverts where a piece is played on car parts.

The Telegraphs article about this orchestra going on tour can be found here.

Its a fun idea, mainly based on the novelty though – I feel a little bit that the Vegetable orchestra is more inventive and more interesting in terms of the sounds they can produce, unique to the gig and local availability of different vegetables.

However the worlds love affair with the automobile can not be ignored so I think a tour of instrumental car parts will always be an interesting and popular show – particularly when we do away with cars and get Jetson style hover crafts.

Hover Craft



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