February and March News

Welcome to February and March, 2010 part two: Death drives a stick.

Lousy Smarch weather…

'your best years are behind you pal'

A lot in the news about single sales ‘soaring’ because of mp3 player Christmas presents and the Rage Vs some kid from X factor we’ll never hear of again war for the number one spot. People are downloading tune after Christmas instead of buying physical copies before because they want to put them on their i-pod rather than give them as gifts. Kind of missing the days where you might have lovingly bought a friend a single of something for Christmas, now if a gift doesn’t have a minimum gb storage it just isn’t Christmas… I can fit 2000 movies into into these digital socks!

Glasgow/Ayr Scot  rockers Zetas Empire have FINALLY released something!! on Bandcamp. Their eponymous EP features 4 tracks – ‘Live by the Landslide’, ‘Apocalypse Afterparty’, ‘Butterfly with a Bomb’ and ‘My Oh Me’ – Get it HERE

Liverpool is getting ready to celebrate John Lennon in a 2 month cultural program running from October this year. See whats on in the city HERE

BBC 6 Music and the Asian Network have been threatened with closure, I urge you all to sign the petitions, join the social network groups and all of that to save them. As of today the facebook group has 167,361 members.

This may be a time where the public can over ride a budget decision to keep what they want going. The BBC has been under political pressure and financial pressure to tighten up but its not a time to blame the management and bean counters, its a time to stand up to bullying politicians, Rupert Murdoch – anytime is a good time to stand up to that guy – and remind everyone that the BBC is a public service for the public! No its not always perfect and no you might not love all of the radio station contents but the effect of having a free and usually unbiased news and entertainment service is what makes all the other media providers keep their standards up and sets a bar for quality and invention. The BBC is bigger and more embedded than many realise. A lot of effort and training goes into making a show, any kind of show, a lot of people work  in the media, its a lot of jobs to go if sections keep getting axed.

You can affect this decision and if you choose to do something or not because you care or you don’t – remember that its good to live in a country where you can actually do something and change things.

Rock stars new drug of choice, no not meth – starbucks (I always knew it was evil).   Dave Grohl ended up in hospital for drinking too much coffee. Seriously. Known to be a very hard working musician Grohl started to get chest pains after overdosing on coffee, sleeping a couple of hours a night and recording material for two different bands. Them Crooked Vultures posted this video as a bit of a laugh – but its factually accurate…

What happened in Feb – does anyone care it was so long ago….


Edinburgh company Hillside  won the commission to represent the Scottish music stage at South By South West festival – check Business7 scoop on it

Rumour had it EMI was thinking about selling the legendary Abbey Road Studios in Feb to beat off that recession we keep hearing about. A few celebs tied to buy it (including a bid from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber- thank goodness it was turned down, can you imagine?!) and the circling vulturous world of realtors tried to make it into luxury apartments – which would be kind of appropriate given that the building started its life a luxury Georgian home – however music fans probably not so keen. Then stepped in the National Trust, so I heard, trying to keep turn it into a museum. Latest was that its now a protected building as the Government have declared it a Grade 2 listed building.

Carly Simon asked fans to make her a  video for ‘you’re so vain’ 38 years after its release – watch out for the winning entry in April at the New York Tribeca Film Festival.

Morrissey, Mos Def and Rodrigo y Gabriela contributed songs to the Latino census campaign. http://www.votolatino.org/becounted/


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