Lets go camping!


Summer is almost upon us and what better way to celebrate the unavoidable turning of the planet on its axis and swirling of the solar system and the way the slow insignificant years of your life slip away like confetti in the wind…

sorry, what better way to celebrate then to go camping! Band – camping that is.

Bandcamp is an ingenious website that allows artists to completely cut out the middle man (i.e continue the destruction of the already dying record company tradition of countless middle men who make then steal your money while you party with the Sugababes oblivious) by releasing your own tracks online for people to buy or download for free depending on what you want to do.

The site offers speedy downloads for hungry music fans and freedom for the bands to have their own webpage with artwork and music. It’s free to use and disturbingly simple to work, though they will ‘in the future’ be charging a nominal fee for bands making money from the site which they say will be competitive with i-tunes and amazon.

The site does not take any rights to the music bar those needed to host and upload the tunes.

Also having a bandcamp account gets your band those vital extra hits on google for your awesome new band.

So if you’re a band with a passion of DIY check out bandcamp.com


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