Keep on Truckin’

Better Than The Van

So young pop scenesters, you’ve got your band, you’ve got your myspace, last fm, bandcamp and all that jazz, you’re pal’s started a facebook group, you’ve planned a mini-tour at several small dungeon venues and literally tens of people are having arguments about bigotry beneath your youtube homemade music video – by your awesome friend Ted who’s been a fan since the beginning  and is like so close to finishing his film degree any year now, he’s going to be the next Kevin Smith totally – it’s looking good.

Re the bigotry arguments on youtube, don’t argue with each other good people of the bitch-iverse simply blame sue for all your gripes.

I miss your musk, I hate your scent

BUT MUSIC FANS, now that you’ve booked that all important tour – where the hell are you going to stay?

‘We don’t need to sleep! We’re rock and roll, we’ll be up all night, sexing the ladies and breaking young men’s hearts, drinking Ghrolesque amount of coffee and kicking the jams!’

Ah, but WHERE will you be doing this, and more importantly, after 5 gigs you’re going to smell like the Satan’s jock strap  which no amount of sex panther will be able to cover and will require wash facilities least your band break up for ‘aromatic differences’.

You need a site where you can find a safe place to crash on tour – you need Better Than The Van!

its a looong road

The site reminds me of an actual festival campsite, a meeting place where music fans and bands can get together and offer beds for the night. Its a little hippie-ish and altruistic (while exercising excellent advertising business sense), I can get into that.

On the site you create a profile and say if you’re offering, wanting or needing – a crash pad NOT DRUGS (nor groupies). If you don’t know how to get your desired favourite candies I suggest you get a manager and they will handle that kind of thing for you… don’t go looking for it online you freak.

Better Than The Van was set up by folks who have been on the road and appreciate the complexities of tour travel while keeping mind and body together. Currently you can find like minded souls in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia.

Once you have set up your profile you can also do a ‘show swap’ which is exactly as it sounds, you can find bands in the city you want to tour and do a little cultural exchange supporting each others gigs.

The faces behind BTTV, some guys called Scott Miller and Todd Hansen, also have another website called Drummer Hunter which is a delightful matchmaking service for drummers and bands. They don’t actually hunt down drummers for sport – I think that’s a pay-per-use site in a former Soviet country.


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