More Marvels of Modern Musos

Changes to Hellagood

So first up I’ve changed the archiving system a little bit. I have gotten rid of excess pages and instead created The Archive Vault. In the The Archive Vault you can find lists of all Hellagood’s posts under the headings News, Articles, Interviews, Live Reviews, General Updates and Chatter, The Glasgow Band Reviews and Articles Listed By Dates.

This is the first time I’ve embedded pages because I’ve reached that number of posts where I feel like I need to tidy up. When I visit a new blog I like to go back through posts so maybe this’ll help new Hellians who visit here. Now I just have to remember to update it.

I have been experimenting with new layouts but have yet find anything I like as much as this one, mainly because it’s kind of clean and simple and I find it easy to read. Originally I had big mad plans about what the site would look like but over time I’ve started to think that I’d rather have it clean, easy and full of good content than flashy and gaudy. Ha! as the audience you have no say in what it looks like, unless I start a poll or something and even then I could just ignore it. Mwahahaha.

Anyway, as your humble narrator I hope to entertain and inform and am grateful for your hits.

Hellarae out xxx


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