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Ahoy hoy!

So today I’m doing a little update on some of the best and most interesting music related sites on the web, aside from this site obviously.

Black Cab Sessions

First up The Black Cab Sessions. I love how this site looks, its like a big old scrapbook of videos. Black cab sessions is a collection of sessions done in the back of a cab in Hackney. A nice simple idea well played out. Artists from Laura Marling to Calexico to Seasick Steve to The New Pornographers have graced their squeaky seats. The Black Cab crew can be seen at various festivals around the country touting their wares and inviting talented folks into their tune wagon. At this stage I’m unclear whether or not songs pay for the journey or not and whether the tariffs for the local area apply…


And now for those with a passion for their local city – CitySounds.  Its a gathering zone for people to put up music from their local city. It also matches up flickr pictures with their respective cities. The beautiful Glasgow is HERE. The most popular styles are apparently dupstep, techno and house in my fair city, which is not reflected well in the majority club nights – perhaps promoters need to start looking at more of these kind of websites.

It’s exciting because it’s a place to find and listen to new music from your area, so if you’re a dj or in a band – go and upload your tunes!

However if those are you preferred styles – Common offers house and electro, Coloursfest on June 5th will be a very techno affair, Subclub hosts the dirtiest of nights, The Arches often dip into electro noise and if you hit the o2ABC2 on a Saturday you’ll likely hit a wall of sound.


Now for the violently named Songkick, a place to find gigs. That is it put simply, a place to find gigs. You can also buy tickets and let them know about your own gigs too. Particularly useful is that is locks on to your local city as soon as you go on. Glasgow is HERE.

It is an extremely comprehensive overview of whats happening in your local area so definitely one for the bookmark toolbar, if you are a music fan this will become one of your most visited sites. I can’t recommend it enough and the more popular it gets the better it will get.


A whole new way to podcast. If you are a budding dj or just love to here new things Mixcloud is great site to get hooked into. You are invited to listen to user generated radio. The radio shows can be anything, from politics to grime music, they can be chat based or purely a well loved playlist. The podcasts are rated by listeners so the top list stuff is what you the listener has chosen. For those of us love to make up mix tapes this is an absolute haven – all tracks have to be named too so every time you listen to a show and think ‘that song may just have shifted my entire perspective on the world!’ you will be able to find out who it is by and what its called without the PAIN many of us have experienced listening to either pirate radio or at underground nights when such a life changing track slips from your fingers. Hellagood will be joining the podcast ranks soon, we’re experiencing temporary technology fail at the moment.


The place for getting your world groove on. Featuring news, reviews and all kinds of stuff on world music Mondomix also offers the chance to hear new tracks and buy them. With its own printed version too, it has a nice writing style, its vibrant and colourful and up to date. You can also participate – upload your own projects to My Mondo Mix.

The Best of the Rest

I have previously written about Bandcamp, the French fantastic La Blogotheque and Better than the van which are all also excellent sites.

Other sites of note for music types – Musicweek the industry standard covers the more business side of music, the site developed from the successful magazine. A place for charts, once the staple of any record shop staffroom/office since HMV bought or beat literally almost EVERY other record store chain (oh we can blame the internet and recession and apple for that one too) they made the decision to focus more online with pay to view content for everyone working in the industry. With so many independent record companies and such this was probably a prudent move.

NME. Oh it kind of grizzles the chops a bit to include them but they are BIG and they have a lot of STUFF. They completely dominate the music rag weekly which I don’t think is a good thing, at all, in any way, for anyone, at all but they do have had to adapt their web skills. They have the milage and an impressive history but they’ve lost a lot of credibility. Saying that they are still the biggest players and often have your gossip about pop stars FIRST.

Pitchfork, oh I’m not even going hyperlink because YOU KNOW you already checked it this morning. I just don’t anymore, twitter does it for me.

Popjustice you love it really. Its more or less Glee but in music magazine form. Sarcastic, knowing, tongue in cheek and truly pop loving, Pop justice offers an alternative to being too cool or too corporate. If your no nonsense and like to poke fun at the poe-faced ‘music is art and SERIOUS AND COOL’ nature of many music sites, PoJay is for you.

Drowned in Sound has gotten more slick looking every year and now is in full meeeja swing. Its got a style, but you do miss the early days a bit, however its interactive features are to be applauded and often you will find reviews of stuff you won’t find elsewhere.


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