News Bites August

Yum Yum, chow down on these barbecued summer news bites! pass me the reggae reggae sauce, that stuff’s like catnip!

Print makes a return

Happy to report Blues and Soul Magazine is returning to shop shelves.

News stand

News Stand photo by Sean Loyless

The specialist mag had a healthy circulation for more than 40 years before stopping printing in 2007 and becoming an online only format.

Marking the Blues and Soul’s presence at Vintage at Goodwood festival this year the new edition will be out for August 13th.

The issue will include interviews with Stevie Wonder and the Four Tops and Neyo and introduce new columnists Sharon David and Snowboy.

Editor Lee Tyler says the plan is to keep producing print copies regularly but whether it’ll be quarterly or monthly will depend on its success after the festival but the pre-order sales are high and the buzz is positive.

Listeners up for BBC 6

Marc Riley at BBC 6 with The Yummy Fur photo by Stephen Robinson

Audience numbers are on the rise for the digital music station BBC 6.

After a tough battle of internet petitions, live protests and facebook groups to save the station from being axed under budget constraints, BBC 6 was taken off the cut list and allowed to continue broadcasting for the time being, pending further reviews in the future.

The increase in listeners comes as good news for the station’s supporters.

Numbers have risen to 1.19m in the second quarter of 2010 – double the amount  it had 12 months ago.

Elsewhere Myspace fumbles

Not looking so good is Rupert Murdoch owned music and social networking site, myspace.

News Corp, the parent company of myspace has blamed lowered advertising revenues for a significant rise in operating losses.

Murdoch’s denying the service is in trouble and will fold or be sold soon, instead an overhaul is planned to try and stem the fall.

Radiohead fans told to stop sharing album

Fans have been posting sections of the Radiohead album In Rainbows on blogs and websites for free.

Now the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) are targeting sites which provide the songs for free.

Bloggers are being sent letters demanding them to take the songs down.

When In Rainbows was first released in 2007, fans were asked to pay whatever they liked for the album between October and December of that year.

The album went on to sell 1.75 million CD copies.

Wyclef Jean for President!

Hip hop, reggae and R&B musician Wyclef Jean has announced his official bid for Haitian presidency.

The former Fuggees star was born in Croix-des-Bouquets just 8 miles from Port Au Prince and raised in Brooklyn.

Jean has been an active campaigner helping to rebuild the communities of Haiti after the island suffered devastating earthquakes early this year.

Video from CBS of Jean Giving Aid in Haiti, January 2010.


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