We do Beyonce, we do

Let’s have a chat about Beyoncé‘s new single and video, the ninth single from her third solo album, I am… Sasha Fierce.

The song is ‘Why don’t you love me?’ and upon repeated viewings, damnit Beyoncé I can’t figure why he doesn’t love you!

Beyonce photo by Jingjing Cheng

‘Why don’t you love me?’ is a scorned wife and mothers howl of the unappreciated. Our heroine B.B. Homemaker isn’t taking it lying down nor is she whining why don’t her man love her, she’s instead constructed a reasoned list of personal qualities (intelligence, grace, attractiveness, independent wealth) and issues an ultimatum. Either hubby explains why he thinks he can over look this mutli-talented woman or her and the kids and the dog will be gone when he gets home. She’s giving him a chance, but just one.

She screams and growls in the way only Beyoncé can: beautifully. With the gusto of Tina and the soul of Aretha, B’s powerful and emotional lament juxtaposition’s wonderfully with her perfect housewife and sexy domestic kitten.

With a funky groove and upbeat tempo reminiscent of Armand Van Helden you can feel its going to become a dance floor as well as an ipod favourite. The tune is as solid as the rest of the Sasha album offerings and Beyoncé can wail.

The theme of the video is an homage to Bettie Page and the pin up girl. It also evokes the classic glamour of the women of AMC’s Mad Men, B’s struts around in sultry lingerie and immaculate make -up (bar her tear soaked phone call – even with mascara dripping down her face and cigarette in hand she looks better than most women after a Bobbi Brown makeover, the woman’s an unearthly vision).

Lovelier still is B’s clear tongue in cheek attitude, her body movements are an exact match for Bettie and her facial expressions during each section move effortlessly from deeply hurt and angry to knowing and coquettish to sweet and adorable. One of the most surprising things about this video is how much of B’s acting talent is displayed in just a few short minutes, she’s utterly convincing even in these over the top roles.

As B.B says – There’s nothing not to love about her.


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