Pulled Apart By Horses Oran Mor 23rd November 2010

Pulled Apart By Horses (and Gay For Johnny Depp) Oran Mor 23rd November 2010

In the bowels of an old kirk gathered a group of darkly dressed rock fans one cold November night. Also a couple of bands…. which was nice.

I apologise in advance to the first band of the night, I missed them so no reviewing here.

First up hardcore New York band, Gay For Johnny Depp, their noise is dirty, bloody, and not so much tongue in cheek as tongue in any orifice you’ll let them stick it. Consensually of course! Not for a long time have I seen a band with quite so much style in amongst a wall of noise and screaming. Their lyrics reject not traditionalism but lack of freedom, they will not be constrained, they encourage enjoyment of life and the questioning of constrictive behaviour. To be fair though I had to listen to the albums after the gig because I could only make out half of what they were singing but the performance beyond electric. Reminiscint of early Black Sabbath, they rock out on stage but still manage to engage with the audience in a sweet way – sometimes by climbing on them.

The headliner for the Glasgow gig was Pulled Apart By Horses who I’m relieved to say were not actually strewn across a bloodied floor by equine misadventure. They are from Leeeeeeds. Not Sheffield, guy

Pulled Apart By Horses photo Rachael Simpson

Loud and brash they clamber across the stage, hang from the ceiling, dive into the audience, pretty much throw the best shapes possible on a Tuesday night. Songs they played that you about to grow to love – then develop an unhealthy obsession with and stalk in a filthy mac – include the singles, ‘Back To The Fuck Yeah’, ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ and ‘Yeah Buddy’.

PABH photo Rachael Simpson

PABH photo Rachael Simpson

What I like most about them (apart from the the reckless disregard for stage equipment) is that their songs always take unexpected turns and twists, these aren’t the same songs you hear on phone adverts or in topshop or the hairdressers or wherever you crazy kids hang out, footlocker, I don’t know – anyway these songs are new songs and damn if that isn’t rare.

PABH photo Rachael Simpson

At the time of going to press, their tour has stalled due to the illness of Tom from PABH – poor lad, get better soon! They will be honouring tickets for canceled dates in January when they are at full strength, their eponymous debut album is out now, as is  – Manthology: A Tireless Exercise in Narcissism Featuring Gay for Johnny Depp’s Excellent Cadavers by Gay For Johnny Depp. 


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