Advent-ures in winter land

Hello all,

happy thanksgiving, pilgrim! John Wayne here, at the first thanksgiving.

Ah, that kills. So I had the idea to do an advent goodie thing here with fine videos and tunes and what not and already I’ve slightly ballsed it up. Like this –

I was defeated by time. AGAIN PHYSICS, YOU WIN AGAIN, but know this, I WILL BEAT YOU YET YOU BLAG-GARD SCOUNDREL. Yes I wasn’t paying attention and now it’s almost June or something. I should stop saying ‘like’ in between every third word, honest to god I can’t stop. Like.

Now because of my blundering you will receive three winter season presents all at once!

First up –

El Dog‘s rendition of Sammy Cahn’s Let it Snow, very beautiful.

Next if you’re completely sick of snow –

Prince, it’s always time for Prince, never goes out of style, like Campari and soda. ‘Let’s Go Crazy/Take Me With You’

And now planning ahead –

Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘What are you doing New Year’s Eve?’ its so good I want to sink into it like satin sheets. I always imagine I’m in Mad Men listening to it.

Also – Scottish events and culture magazine The List is also doing an advent calendar of stuff.

Well Hella Children, that’s all for now. More goodies to follow to get you through the cold nights.

Happy winter.


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