About Hellagood

Hellagood is a non profit (largely because I haven’t found a way to make money out of it) passionate Scottish music webzine. We also like to sometimes write about films and current affairs, but not as much as music.

We also live here www.myspace.com/hellagoodmagzine

you can contact us here – hellagood_editor@hotmail.com

We started in 2002 with just an idea and over cheese on toast while watching ‘Opposite of Sex’ on late night tv. Hellagood is done in spare time and for free. We’ve gone through many websites, technical problems and small fires. Today we live with the idea that simplicity is the key to magazine happiness.

We promise to be honest, if we like the tunes, we’ll drip glorious journalistic honey all over you and if we don’t, we may throw stale meat pies at your maw. Our opinions are our own but if we have got anything factual wrong, like the names of yours songs or something, we apologise and will fix it

My name is HellaRae, I am the Editor, I do all the work. Hellagood’s a labour of love and hopefully an place where people can find out about music they might not have heard before. Any way go listen to new bands, enjoy!!!


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