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Bloc Party o2 academy Glasgow October 2012

Or Block Party with a K as my pass said. I like that. It indicates a level of unpretentiousness, like ‘who? block huh? ok, cool, well I guess they can play. So long as they clean up after.’ Which seems acceptable. Even Roger Daltrey did a bit of  hoovering.

The relatively young kids from Bloc opened with new tracks from their latest album Four but we all (people I call friends or other lost but worthy souls) were wishing they had launched the night with Kettling as its becoming a fast favourite. They did play and nail it later, or kettled it if you will. Bloc before part B have also encouraged me to utter the phrase ‘I fucking love kettling’ in day to day life which is another unexpected bonus from the album.

The academy is a beautiful venue and the sound bloomed up to its vast ornate ceiling while lasers danced across the cornicing. It was a little sweaty and the crowd were definitely more enamoured of the more established tracks like Banquet, Helicopter and Two More Years but in the ‘pit’ there was a good and gorgeous wave of limbs dancing excited by pumping limbic systems.

Octopus was another highlight and is a tune as addictive as it is likely to encourage mimacry while ignoring a loved ones pleas for help lifting a fallen bookcase off their body as you air drum into space.

The thing about Bloc Party what with their appearence on the OC soundtrack is that sometimes you think of them as being kind of mellow or pretty indie but seeing them live reminds you they just fucking rock. They should call them Rock Party and in France they would call them Party Rock and they would be hunted with only their cunning to protect them.

In conclusion buy the album and if you see them live there’s a good chance your dreams will be more colourful as result.


ABC to O2

A quick update, more articles to come later today…

AMG, the Academy Music Group, have taken over the ABC on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. The move from previous organisers Regular Music to the owners of the O2 Academy (formally the Carling Academy, Glasgow) will result in a few changes to the bar menu, with more of the affiliated beverages available, but primarily in an expansion of the number gigs held each year. This summer should see a dramatic increase in the number of concerts happening at the ABC. The usual pattern has been for term time busyness with a quieter summer schedule. The ABC is known for its popular student appealing club nights on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays spread over its five bars, three dance spaces and two good sized stages. AMG plan to bring more live music to the venue. So far these are the only changes being made with the current staff remaining in place and no name or design changes planned at yet.
Music giants and UK events leaders AMG currently have over 20 venues ranging from a 400 to 4500 capacity around the country.