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The plan

SO folks, if you’ve been reading along, you’ll know I love music and popular culture, I’m also a bit sarcastic in an attempt to be witty and dry. The purpose of the blog is for me to gab on about music because I love it, if there was a thing more than love I’d do that too, but theres isn’t so that’s that.

So I’ve decided to set myself a wee challenge – to get through Glasgow’s bands.

By this I mean I plan to review a band a day (though probably more like 3 a week because frankly I’m doing a masters and I enjoy freecell as though it were crack) I will continue to review bands from local gigs and their myspaces, a wee taster on their style.

I started this initially when I began the blog and if you click on the Glasgow Bands link at the side it’ll take you to my first few reviews.

Be warned – its get weird, if you like you’re review straight then head to over NME.com, I believe they sometimes still write about music inbetween the ‘he says, she says of the music world’ and fashion, as my reviews are a touch more experimental. Not that much though – they are like sentences and stuff.

Wish me luck as I delve into the mine of musical talent and people who own instruments that perhaps should’ve stuck to other hobbies that resides in this magical city. I hope I can provide you with a comprehensive look at the hunners o’ bands we’ve got.

Because Glasgow’s got the best.