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eine kleine hochzeit nachtmusik

At any gathering where a cross-section of ages come together, such as a wedding, for some reason venue organisers (or whoever) like to imagine they can appeal to everyone by playing shite bland music. Perhaps its a case of rather than offend one specific group they reckon its safer to make everyone pissed off  by subjecting them to Katie Melua.

Enough, I say enough!

Weddings are sappy as hell, you’ve found another human being who has agreed to actually become entwined in your fucked up family and you theirs. That’s big stuff. Well done.

Invariably you are walking a tight rope of appropriateness to the occasion and being forced to play Adele. So here I list some alternatives to a Take That medley.

Percy Sledge – not a dry eye in the house.

Black Keys – Your Touch, you will be getting some!

Elbow – best only to attempt this if you can get the full orchestra.

King Blues – My Boulder, one for the whole gathering. Assuming you invited your friends.

Reuben – Nobody loves you like I do. So calm down. It’s all fine.

If the whole thing has gone sour then at least mutually destroy each other with style –

Or you could just make everyone uncomfortable, except possibly your paramour. If they are into that kind of thing.

If you don’t like these choices, I have others but I don’t really care if you don’t. Why are you on this blog at all – the internet is vast – go make your own damned playlist!

Much love Hella x