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Aimee Mann o2abc (Damn you Phil Collins!)

Velvet voiced possibly coolest person in the world Aimee Mann and her awesome band took to Glasgow 02abc’s stage on Wednesday 31st January 2013 as part of the city’s Celtic Connections festivities.


Sadly I missed Amelia Curran so I’ll leave it to other reviewers to discuss though Aimee did say while her band ‘rocked you in a soft rock kinda way, Amelia folked you’.

The gig was borderline hypnotic and while some may have described it as ‘a little slow in places’ I’d consider it more just as being in no big rush to stomp its way through. This was a gig with no fireworks and puppetry only real top class musicianship and a genuine affectionate mutual connection streaming from audience to stage and stage to audience, with an abundance of toe-tapping soft rocking going on.

DSC_0412 DSC_0451

It was the kind of dusky high mooned John Carpenter scene-setting night in which the faces of the crowd faded away until it was just you, the band and the abc’s notoriously freaking huge disco ball (and possibly your friends too).

Some old favourites were taken a turn about the dance floor such as the delightful Lost in Space.

Of course the highlight was always going to be the coulda-been-a-contenda wonderful soul twisting Save Me (cruelly robbed of its Oscar by Phil Collins – that very same spurious deceptacon who obsequiously tore Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld apart in favour of those piss poor imitators Reach for the Skylar).

The other stone cold classic performed was the cathartic and tear inducing Wise Up – it’ll get you every time.

New tracks made an appearance and even though we’ve been assured that no-one wants to hear any new material, songs from Aimee’s latest album Charmer  went down well.

Aimee is powerful but contained performer who leaps across the stage like a wild deer when excited. The band seemed to really enjoy themselves during the gig producing a lustrous sound matching the mood of the songs themselves.

This show marked the end of Aimee’s current tour, we can now assume she is taking time to work on musicals while working a day job cleaning houses in Portland.


I hate reviewing gigs in Vampire towns.