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More Videos and stuff maybe some news or something

Hello pop pickers,

I don’t have a theme for today’s update so it’s just going to be a mashup of stuff.

Lately I have caught the blogging bug but my computer is still dead so I must steal other peoples, mainly working off a 7 year old mac laptop which I have to borrow. I have my own ‘serious’ blog and I work on other ‘serious’ multimedia stuff at work.

So the blinding frustration of having a million ideas for online things for my valued readers to enjoy but can’t express continues apace. Damn.

Anyway on to things I can link –

Mike Relm creates a mix of Scott Pilgrim’s Sex Bob-omb and Ludacris’ How Low. Subject matter aside, its awesome, guy.

I love Mike Relm’s little chats at the end of his mixes. He engages well with his audience so if you have questions, post them on his youtube page as he is likely to answer the least and most ridiculous ones.

Next up –

Diego Stocco’s music from a tree. Yup, all from a tree. Hands up that’s a persistent man. The kind of mind which can imagine the song before they figure out how to make the sounds is to be admired, as is the chutzpah to forge ahead and actually make it happen.

Imogen Heap is working on some new things, you can watch and listen to her singing along to her favourite bit HERE.

So, the Tinthepark line up is up and tickets are on sale. Hmm, feels a bit of a mishmash and maybe not in the best possible Kenny Everett taste. All this chat about diversifying festivals away from just being ‘rock’ or ‘indie’ or whatever and including other acts is in the immortal words of Kesha – blah blah blah – yeah, because you’re not ACTUALLY doing that are you, you’re just shoving in whatever the biggest selling artists are, regardless of genre. They aren’t making sure to book a wide variety of styles and source talented musicians to create a one off cultured experience – why bother, no-one would pay 250 for a ticket to listen to someone they don’t know. Which is reasonable. I first went to T in the Park in 1999, my weekend ticket (not camping, bus journey baby!) was ¬£58 I think. For two WHOLE DAYS. I know they’ve extended the days and added more people but that halcyon independence cherry popping festival trip was magical. The weather was good, the bands were great, the buses plentiful on time and clean AND you could easily navigate from one stage to another to see as many bands as possible. Now I look at it and it looks like Dante’s seventh circle of hell. There’s some kind of competitive element now, much more focus on the ‘experience’, pushing and shoving your way to the front and drinking as much as possible, as opposed to the love of music in a wonderful escapist utopia for a weekend. I know I’m rose tinting it up, a lot, but the fact remains that modern festivals have become a massive advertising platform, too big, too expensive, too crowded and too focused on mobile technology. This is the way of modern music industry though, people aren’t buying records so it’s left to live performances to make money.

But its not all doom and gloom, as a reaction to the changes other festivals have sprung up. The rise in popularity of ‘going to gigs’ as a pastime is a good thing for the sector and community as a whole (not for music ‘geeks’ anymore¬† now everyone has a show to go to). However we have a responsibility not to let any one company dominate. Your pound is your voice, think about what you’re buying and from whom, otherwise all we will have is a visit to the o2 pleasure dome when we need a break from the Tesco/Wallmart hospital, university and funeral home.

Anyway if you actually made it this far you deserve a fab ice lolly. Much love Hella xx