Hellagood Halloween Playlist! – Get Spooked

Zetas Empire – The nine minute documentary, and other stories

We do Beyonce, we do – All about Beyonce’s singles ‘Why don’t you love me?’

Pie Pie Pie, Pizza Pizza Pie – Get your album funded on Slicethepie

Lovely Shiny Things – The best music websites, on the ….web

Keep On Trucking – Better Than The Van

Let’s Go Camping! – Bandcamp

Amused and Gemused – The Vegetable Orchestra

Freedom for Artists – Poor Treatment of Non EU Nationals on European Trips

Ever Fallen In Love With a Record You Shouldn’t Have – A love letter to the UK band Mansun

The chin, the window to the soul – Beardyman, La Blogotheque, Glagsow’s West End Festival

Lyric Inspector – A look at the many faces of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face

Affectations – Fake Glasses and Spinnerette’s new stuff

You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me – Asher Roth Dissected

The Great Radio Days – A history of the Hospital Radio

Let’s Hit it! – Music, Stereotypes and Personality

A Few Things – Pop Stars and their Hair, Festival Jobs

Criminal Jammage – Dancing Prisoner Troops in the Philippines

Thanks for the Memes – Music Memes for fun

Ring, Ring, Hello humanity can I take a message? – Oh How I Hate Jamster

Everybody Dance Now! – The best things about Dance Movies

Coffee and my conversation hat – Age and music trends

Fresh Attire – Music and exercise

Ancient Chinese Secret huh? – Music in China


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