General Updates and Chatter

More Marvels of Modern Musos – The creation of the archive vault on hellagood

Stalled – I broke a bone but remained Hellagood

The Plan – inviting suggestions for Glasgow band reviews

Sign of the times – Muse pull tricks in Italy and the Vexille soundtrack

Oh Dear – I destroyed my laptop

A Quick Hello – more or less just letting you know I hadn’t died

Things to Do and See June 2009

A note on self promotion – My Clubnight The Soul Skattitude, short review of Zetas Empire and Paolo Nutini

Duped – My feelings on Florence and the Machine

Arrrriigghht – literally just telling you I updated the Katy Perry Page

You make my TV Eye Weep – My feelings on Iggy Pop in insurance adverts

Joy, Discovery, Invention and Guilty Pleasures – Chat about Koop, Ethiopiques and Lady Gaga

Whoo New Blog! – The first Hellagood Post


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